Caedro Srl is a technology company engaged in Architecture, Engineering and Construction providing knowledge and solutions that reduce risks, maximize collaboration and support the realization of transformative ideas in the built environment. Caedro provides a wide range of software solutions for the Caribbean, covering the entire group of islands with full range of services around Vectorworks®, Cinema4D® and Bluebeam®.

Our consultancies complement the Architecture and Design workshop that seeks to develop an internal structure based on BIM and OpenBIM process, strengthening the multidisciplinary, the digital organization while designing and documenting the architectural project.  

    Caedro also offer consultancy aimed at workshops that do not need a "complete consultancy" full of information, but a more in-depth technical support or solutions to specific problems or workflows:

    • Migration from analog  to the digital: Possibilities and Technologies.
    • Standards.
    • Workflows.
    • Design Process.
    • Collaborative environments.
    • From 2d to 3d to BIM
    • BIM process.
    • Quantity take off.
    • IFC and PDF Collaboration.
    • New technologies for the designer.
    • Parametric Modeling: Marionette.
    • Programing and custom solutions.