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Vectorworks Architect is the industry’s only modeling, drafting, and documentation software built with BIM at the heart of the design process.

With Vectorworks Architect, your firm will benefit from best-in-industry building information modeling tools. With the software’s design-oriented BIM capabilities, you will streamline costs, refine construction details, and increase your energy efficiency – all without altering your preferred process. Flexible parametric objects help you create a virtual prototype of your designs, with as much or little detail as needed. Edit and analyze your model while simultaneously generating interactive schedules.


Architectural design is not one-size-fits-all, so BIM workflows shouldn’t be, either. That’s why Vectorworks Architect, one of the industry’s top BIM software programs, is built around an architect’s design process. Vectorworks software’s design-oriented BIM capabilities allow you to conceptualize your ideas, as well as edit and analyze your project, while simultaneously generating drawings and schedules and refining construction details — all without altering your creative process or exceeding the scope of your work.


Here at Vectorworks we understand that BIM isn't just about the paperwork; it’s a platform for elevating your creative expression. Vectorworks software fosters the connection between conceptual design and BIM processes by providing you with a tool that brings data into the early phases of design, letting you make decisions based on not only visual representations, but also on data-rich form. We’re always working to push the envelope on how great design can manifest within a BIM workflow. Learn how all of this is possible from two renowned architects as they discuss their philosophies about BIM and the building arts.


OpenBIM® is a universal and non-proprietary approach to the collaborative design, realization, and operation of buildings based on buildingSMART International open standards. These standards include the buildingSMART Data Model, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), the communication standard, BIM Collaboration Format (BCF), and the information exchange standard, Model View Definition (MVD), among others. 


BIM is a firmly established part of the architecture industry and it's here to stay - are you? Adopting BIM processes is undeniably profitable in terms of both your workflow and the success of your business, but making the initial investment in tools and training can seem daunting.  François Lévy, AIA, author and partner of Lévy Kohlhass Architecture, and Rob Glisson, AIA, founder and principal of ROJO Architecture, showcase their personal journeys to BIM Success in small- and medium-sized firms.  For a deeper knowledge of ideal BIM tools and workflows, as well as a strong business case for BIM adoption, download the article.