con Vectorworks Landmark realiza tus proyectos de paisajismo y diseño urbano.


con Vectorworks Landmark realiza tus proyectos de paisajismo y diseño urbano.

Vectorworks® Landmark software gives landscape architects, designers, and urban planners a platform to design in their own way. Landmark offers creative solutions to streamline everyday tasks with industry-leading tools that enhance your workflow. The software’s built-in objects, site information modeling capabilities, powerful databases, innovative irrigation tools, effective project sharing, and flexible documentation features will empower you to you transform the built environment like never before.


Planning for a site’s irrigation involves considerations and calculations related to both its physical features and resource availability. Vectorworks Landmark software meets all of these needs with innovative irrigation design tools. Create zones of similar watering needs with the Hydrozone tool. Then use built-in worksheets to analyze for water efficiency, which makes satisfying a site’s water budget allowance easier than ever. Whether specifying lateral and main piping, sprinkler heads, drip systems, valves, controllers, or other system components, the automated and manual placement methods are designed to meet industry standards while giving professionals the flexibility to design, document, and estimate proposed and as-built systems efficiently.


Incorporate maps into your work with ease. Add survey data to your drawing and use it as the basis of your digital terrain model, or import CAD drawings and data-rich BIM models from architects, builders, or engineers to use as base plans or models. Import geo-referenced aerial/satellite images and Geographic Information System (GIS) data files from federal, city, state, or other agencies to explore all of your design options.


Use your Site Model (digital terrain model or DTM) to visualize and document the impact of your planned grading. With essential analysis features, such as slope analysis and surface drainage flow for existing or proposed conditions, make vital decisions about sustainable soil and water management practices, ensuring better landscape performance.


Stop manually counting plants, planting areas, hardscape areas, or other multiple site features in your drawings and models. Automatic data tracking does the tedious work for you; built-in database worksheets continually keep track as your designs evolve. Take advantage of the two-way link between database worksheets and objects, giving you the power to change object parameters directly from the worksheet. The application goes further than automated schedules and quantity take-offs. It provides a user-defined, quick, and accurate way to assign custom data to any object and create unique reports for LEED and SITES® projects that require water budgets and stormwater runoff calculations.


con Vectorworks Landmark realiza tus proyectos de paisajismo y diseño urbano.

Image courtesy of MCGREGOR COXALL.