Solibri is quality control


Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker is the Quality Assurance solution for BIM validation, compliance control, design review, analysis and code checking.



Check designs prior to delivery to construction company, or building owners. Correct mistakes earlier and spend less time later with more complicated changes, offering improved customer satisfaction


Use the same tool as the architect and construction company to check clash detection and share issues.

Construction Company

Less time spent reviewing for initial problems and sending back to architect for changes.

SMC can quickly check multiple issues to be sure the model is robust and the build can begin.


Can use SMC to check all work throughout workflow to see costs optimization and all optimal team working.

Be sure you have optimized costs before and after the building is ready.

Once ready, maintenance is made easier with easy and fast information take off.


Prevent numerous changes later once the build is in progress. Busy architectural practices avoid using resources to rework old projects.


No surprises when build is in progress.

Improved resource planning means you can quote cheaper with confidence.

Construction Company

Team and resources can be confidently calculated and confirmed before a build because the design has been fully checked.

No surprises when build is in progress = less additional cost.

Improved resource planning means you can quote cheaper with confidence.

Planning volumes of materials with Information Takeoff means resource savings and true calculations to save overspend.


Cost can be streamlined throughout the whole construction process – maximize budgets and minimize overall costs.

Ability to use SMC as a "gatekeeper" to Facility Management needs with COBie and Area Calculation Extensions.

Architect & Engineer

Be confident in the knowledge that your designs will be realized with less environment impact. Your construction colleagues can use SMC Information Takeoff to order correct material amounts.

Construction Company

Ability to take off material volumes and amounts means less overspend; which in turn leads to less waste on unnecessary materials being ordered and not wanted/used.


Be confident in the knowledge that only necessary building materials were used and environmental waste reduced, both in the construction and maintenance of the building.


  • Windows and Mac supported.
  • Cloud-based licensing model. The company's administrator manages users and license pools in Solibri Solution Center.
  • Localized for English, German, Japanese and Finnish languages.
  • Certified for IFC (IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import Certification).
  • Customizable user roles for SMEs.
  • Allows downloading of content and extensions from Solibri Solution Center.

  • Imports IFC, compressed IFC and DWG formats.
  • Imports model directly from ArchiCAD. Manual or automated model update functionality.
  • Combines several building models from different design disciplines.
  • Relocation of models with differing coordinate systems.
  • Easy-to-use 3D navigation with walk-in mode.
  • Advanced sectioning, markup, dimensioning tools.
  • Adjustable color schemas.

  • Highlighting potential design issues in the 3D visualization model.
  • Ruleset Manager for making customized rules and rulesets for model checking.
  • Intelligent clash checking based on components, design discipline and type, and severity of the clash.
  • Rules for checking building accessibility.
  • Model revision comparison.
  • Deficiency Detection for detecting design deficiencies and missing elements.
  • Checking escape routes of the building.
  • Classification of design issues into three groups based on severity.
  • Quick search functionality.

  • Unique 3D slide show presentations for easy communication.
  • Smooth transition between the slides.
  • Compatible with BIM Collaboration Format (Export and Import).
  • Exporting presentations to PDF, RTF and Excel formats.
  • Saved presentations viewable with free product Solibri Model Viewer. Information Takeoff and Reporting.

  • Calculates basic quantities: dimensions, areas and volumes.
  • Customizable listing functionality.
  • Lists any properties for any set of components.
  • Listing is integrated with 3D view with visualization and zoom-in functionality.
  • Customizable report templates and possibility to use Excel functions with them.

Solibri Model Checker helps you find and visualize issues and problems before and during construction. It will also provide a wealth of information that can be taken off throughout the building's life-cycle and utilized for needs that include area calculation, accessibility and building code compliance.